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ClearLift: The Lunchtime Lift for Anti-Aging

ClearLift: The Lunchtime Lift for Anti-Aging

If telltale signs of aging have you dissatisfied with your appearance, modern technology has safe and effective answers. If you don’t want to undergo a surgical facelift or don’t feel ready for one yet, we have a convenient, safe, and effective treatment that will last for a while. 

Our trained medical aestheticians, under the supervision of board-certified physician Kenneth Thompson, MD, at A Beautiful You Medical Spa can provide a noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatment called ClearLift™

It leaves you looking years younger and greatly minimizes any skin imperfections bothering you. It’s a skin transformation that will leave you smiling. 

What technology does ClearLift use to achieve results? 

ClearLift uses laser light therapy to achieve skin rejuvenation in a nonablative procedure, meaning it doesn’t harm your skin’s surface. 

A Q-switch laser emits quick pulses of light energy that reach deep into your dermis, the underlayer of your skin, without damaging your skin’s epidermis. The light energy triggers new collagen growth in the skin’s underlayers. 

We use a special pen with a tip that controls the amount of energy in the pulses so you receive just the right amount. ClearLift 4D is the most advanced Q-switch laser technology available on the market today. It ensures we deliver the most precise laser treatments with outstanding results.  

What are the benefits of ClearLift? 

We usually can’t use lasers around your eyes, but ClearLift is different. We can use it on the sensitive skin around your eyes and mouth — in fact, on all areas of your face and your neck. 

We can also use ClearLift on your hands to give them a more youthful appearance and minimize age spots. All skin types can benefit from ClearLift. 

ClearLift remedies a host of skin imperfections. With a lunchtime treatment, we can reduce or eliminate: 

The treatment doesn’t take half your day or longer, so you can schedule an appointment during your lunch hour. That’s why we call ClearLift the lunchtime lift. 

When will I see results? 

You need to be patient when you select ClearLift as your preferred treatment. The laser triggers collagen growth, but it takes some time for new collagen cells to develop and deliver the results you want. 

For optimal results, you need four to six sessions spaced one month apart. Results are apparent at six months and can last up to a year.

You’ll see your loose skin tightening up, fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores disappearing or appearing greatly reduced, and a more even skin tone. 

Call our Memphis, Tennessee, location today or book an appointment online for all of your skin rejuvenation and other aesthetic needs.

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