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Does SculpSure Laser Lipo Work?

Laser Liposuction

With new plastic surgery options on the market, it can be difficult to tell what procedures actually produce results. With laser Lipo, you don’t have to wonder—it works. Independent studies show consistent shrinkage in targeted areas, making laser lipo a great addition to any fitness regimen. It’s also FDA-approved and available to the general market.

What Is Laser Lipo?

Laser lipo is a procedure that uses lasers to help contour the body and treat areas that carry excess fat. There are several different laser lipo methods, but most work in two stages:

  1. Targeted lasers puncture deep fat cells, allowing the stored oils to leak out and reducing the size of the cells.
  2. The laser targets cells closer to the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen and elastin production to improve skin quality.

Some treatments also include cell removal, but many treatment options allow the body to naturally flush the contents of the cells disrupted by the laser.

What to Expect From Your Laser Lipo Treatments

Laser lipo is entirely an outpatient procedure, and many people even return to work immediately after a session. The cold laser process ensures no pain during the procedure, and, as long as you drink plenty of water, you’re likely to notice minimal side effects. Some dizziness and tiredness is not uncommon as your body flushes the toxins released along with the fat. You’ll need to schedule several treatments to see results.

Why is SculpSure from A Beautiful You, Your Best Laser Lipo Option?

SculpSure is an FDA-cleared laser procedure designed to provide body contouring to the abdomen and flanks.  SculpSure uses handheld devices to deliver laser energy to the treatment area. We can use up to four handheld pieces at one time, meaning you can treat multiple parts of the body.

As with any treatment, your mileage may vary. Laser lipo is best for men and women who have a moderate amount of weight to lose and are already on a good health and fitness regimen. Healthy eating and regular exercise can enhance your laser lipo treatments with more dramatic results.

Patients report anywhere from half an inch to more than 2 inches of loss after a SculpSure laser lipo treatment program—the results are real. If you have a bit of extra flab on the hips, thighs, buttocks or another problem area, you can get a head start on losing it with SculpSure laser lipo. If you’re already well into your weight loss journey, the contouring can help to smooth out your silhouette.

If you want to say goodbye to a few extra inches without a surgical procedure, SculpSure treatment might be exactly what you need. You won’t face long recovery times, and you can enjoy lost inches and rejuvenated skin, all from this one treatment program.

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Skin Tightening & Cellulite Reduction

TREATMENT BENEFITS – face, neck and body 

Venus Legacy™ uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to produce heat under the skin’s surface. This process helps to naturally increase collagen and elastin fibers, while also shrinking the volume of fat cells. At the same time, an adjustable pulsed suction (called VariPulse™) gently works to pull the skin upward, allowing the energy to travel deeper and providing more comfortable and effective treatment. The result is a body that looks slimmer and more sculpted, skin that looks tighter, and cellulite that almost disappears.

Treatments take approximately 30-45 minutes. (Since the face/neck tx’s take 40-50 minutes and is one of our most popular packages, just feel like we should specify that.)

Venus Concept’s non-surgical cellulite treatments are powered by innovative technology that helps shrink fat cells to improve the appearance of bumps and dimpling. These treatments are very comfortable and can be customized to target cellulite at any stage with no downtime.

All Consultations are free, you are never charged for quotes or face to face consultations. We do not bill back into the quote the price for quotes or consultations.

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