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But first, what exactly is SculpSure? For years, people have been body sculpting in the gym but even the dedicated gym bunnies, are left less than satisfied with their results as many have fat deposits that are unresponsive to dieting and workouts. That is where SculpSure comes in to play.

Did you know that you carry about the same amount of fat cells throughout your entire life? When you gain or lose weight, your existing fat cells expand and shrink, but the number of them remains the same. Our SculpSure treatment eliminates fat cells, permanently!

One of the biggest reasons our clients choose the SculpSure fat reduction system over surgical alternatives is because it is a noninvasive procedure. There is no risk of infection because there are no incisions. SculpSure laser technology targets the fat cells underneath your skin without damaging the surface area. Over the next 6 weeks after treatment, the destroyed fat cells will permanently, naturally eliminate through your waste.

You will blast up to 26% of fat cells in as little as 25 minutes and since there is no downtime, you can be in and out on a lunch break! So what do you say? Ready to blast some fat for 2022? Call us for a complimentary consultation.

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