Laser Hair Removal Prices

The summer season is finally here – and that means spending more time in teeny shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits.  For most people, that means getting reacquainted with a razor, which may have been neglected over the past winter (and who can blame them?).  But for a smart few, they know that laser hair removal is the key to a summer-ready look without the hassle of constantly shaving…

And you’re determined to be one of them.  But how expensive is a laser hair removal treatment?  And how many sessions do you have to undergo before you’re officially fuzz free?

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Memphis, Tennessee, we’re determined to help you enjoy the ultimate experience in laser hair removal.  Unlike hair removal treatments from yesteryear, our lasers are gentle, won’t irritate your skin, and certainly won’t make you feel like you’ve signed up for torture.  What’s more, we offer reasonable prices on all our laser hair removal treatments, so you won’t have to go broke to get a summer-ready, fuzz-free body.

Our medically trained and supervised clinicians use only the latest laser treatments to stop the growth of hair follicles at the source.  What’s more, this generation of lasers are much better at permanently stopping growth sooner, which means you won’t have to undergo so many painful and expensive sessions.  The end result is a body that’s smooth and silky, and a wallet that’s much more full of money!

Laser hair removal prices can vary across the board, and will often depend on the size of the area you’d like to get treated.  For example, if you’re undergoing treatment for your armpits, it can be expected that you’ll pay much less than if you wanted to treat your back or your legs.  This can often be the determining factor for the ultimate price of the treatment, which means you’ll need to be clear with your technician on what treatment areas you’d like.  Ultimately, this can be determined during the initial consultation stage.

Fortunately for your wallet, A Beautiful You Medical Spa is running a special offer: if you buy one treatment area, you can get two others for absolutely free!  This means that there’s never been a better time to get the silky smooth summer body you’ve been dreaming about.

To learn more about laser hair removal treatments, visit A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Arkansas and Memphis, TN today.our Memphis location serves Germantown and Bartlett.

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