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Top 5 Questions About Laser Hair Removal

1) When do I start getting touch-ups?

How often you schedule an appointment to get laser hair removal will depend on your hair type and how consistent you are with your treatments. Most people complete between 5 - 7 laser treatments to leave them as smooth as possible in the treated area(s). After your consultation with our team of professionals, you will have a better idea of how many sessions you will need in total for the best results.

2) When do I shave? Can I?

You can absolutely shave after a laser hair removal session, but you should wait at least 24 hours. You should also shave around 24 hours before your treatment. It is recommended to avoid shaving the day of because when you shave the razor may lift a layer of skin off as it passes over your skin. As you continue your sessions, you will have to shave less and less!

3) Can I sweat after my session?

It is recommended that you avoid sweating for 24-48 hours because your hair follicles will be extremely sensitive. It is important to avoid sweating because sweat includes bacteria that can irritate sensitive hair follicles leading to a rash or worse, a skin disease. 

4) Can I do laser hair removal while I am pregnant?

Laser hair removal is considered to be a safe and secure treatment, however, many doctors and dermatologists generally advise women to not do the treatments without prior consultation. While pregnant, women experience higher hormone levels. These hormones can usually be accountable for natural changes within the body such as stains, broken capillaries, and migraines. Therefore, this may lead to unexpected results during laser hair removal and we advise that women who are expecting should not have laser hair removal during pregnancy.

5) Can I get laser hair removal treatments on tanned skin?

Many people want to be tan and have smooth skin, we get it! Long story short, you can indeed safely complete treatments during summer months and can get treatments when your skin is tanned. However, it is recommended that you wait if you have a sunburn before going to your laser hair removal session. When you have a sunburn, your skin contains a lot of heat and is sensitive. Because of this, it is impossible to introduce any more heat to your skin. For best results, you should avoid the sun for 1 week before and after sessions.

Have more questions about laser hair removal? Give us a call or text 901-683-8220 for a free consultation and let our team answer any questions you may have as well as address any concerns! A Beautiful You Medical Spa, performing laser hair removal since 2003. 


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