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What is Juvederm?

What is Juvederm?

True beauty comes from inside, but maintaining your physical appearance is important, too. No matter how well you are aging, lines and wrinkles are going to appear and deepen. If invasive plastic surgery is not for you, consider using Juvederm injections instead. In a matter of moments, you will see smoother, more youthful skin. Plus, these treatments are affordable for the average person. For many people, Juvederm is the answer to their annoying wrinkles.


Juvederm is a non-allergenic dermal filler that safely plumps up your wrinkles and fine lines. It also works to plump lips, making them look naturally fuller. When your medical professional injects the Juvederm, you will feel little or no pain. The substance works immediately, so you will see results before you even leave the office. For many patients, one session is enough to get the initial results they crave.

The Juvederm effect lasts approximately six months before it needs to be repeated. Your body will naturally absorb the substance without any help from medications or your doctor.


Simply smoothing away deep wrinkles can make you look ten years or more younger. Juvederm filler quickly softens, so your face feels and looks natural. Possible side effects are minor and include irritation at the injection sites, temporary lumpiness and redness. With few exceptions, most people have excellent results from Juvederm.


Patients who have dermal injections benefit from feeling more self-confident. Research has long shown that maintaining an active social life helps keep you mentally sharp and more positive about life. People who feel younger tend to actually live longer as well. The psychological boost of having Juvederm injections may help patients live a long, satisfying life. You may decide to start new hobbies and meet interesting new people. If you feel confident in your appearance, that confidence will carry over into every part of your life.

You should not fear aging. Some of your best years are certainly ahead of you. However, looking older can negatively affect your self-perception. If you feel and look younger, you are better prepared to take on life’s challenges and enjoy the experiences that come your way.

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