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Concerns We Can Address

Excessive Sweating

Various factors can cause our bodies to perspire excessively, which can lead to embarrassment and discomfort. Our team at A Beautiful You offers amazing treatment options to alleviate excessive sweat for good!

Recommended Treatments

  • Permanent Sweat Reduction

Lack of Muscle Tone

Even with the right diet and exercise, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve the last 10% of our overall fitness plan. Fortunately, we offer Emsculpt Neo treatments to help improve muscle tone with ease.

Recommended Treatments

  • Emsculpt Neo

Unwanted Fat

Diet and exercise alone are not always enough to counteract the influence of genetics and age on our bodies. As we grow older, our bodies sometimes store reserves of fat that become difficult to shed without the help of advanced technology.

Recommended Treatments

  • Medical Weight Loss
  • SculpSure
  • EMSCULPT - Neo

Frequent Urination

Urinary incontinence can occur for a variety of reasons, but it is uncomfortable and embarrassing for almost everyone. Luckily, we offer Emsella at A Beautiful You to effectively treat incontinence without surgery!

Recommended Treatments

  • Emsella

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction can be miserable and cause issues of self-esteem and frustration. Although it has been historically difficult to treat, treatment with Emsella has produced amazing results for combating sexual dysfunction!

Recommended Treatments

  • Emsella

Loose or Wrinkled Skin

All skin, no matter where it is, experiences the effects of age, genetics, diet, and habits. Because our skin protects our bodies from the elements, it's not uncommon to require treatment to boost our skin's natural elasticity.

Recommended Treatments

  • Emsculpt Neo
  • SculpSure

Uneven Skin Tone

Our skin's tone ages with the rest of our bodies, and is susceptible to a variety of other factors. If you are looking to return a balanced and even tone to your skin, our providers at A Beautiful You offer amazing noninvasive options!

Recommended Treatments

  • Dye-VL or AFT
  • Body Microneedling

Unwanted Body Hair

Excessive body hair can be time-consuming and tedious to address on your own, and the job is never done. Thanks to the innovative laser technology we use at A Beautiful You, it's finally possible to get rid of unwanted hair permanently!

Recommended Treatments

  • Laser Hair Removal

Hair Loss

Hair loss happens to any patient of any gender, lifestyle, and age. We use the TED technology to stimulate your scalp's natural hair growth to bring back thicker, fuller, and shinier hair.

Recommended Treatments

  • TED Hair Regrowth Treatment
  • Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements
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Our Body Services

Body Contouring
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Emsculpt NEO

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Body Skin Treatments
Laser hair removal treatment at a beautiful you

Laser Hair Removal

Body Microneedling

TED Hair Restoration

Emsella device


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Permanent Sweat Reduction

medical weight loss in memphis

Medical Weight Loss

Before & After Our Body Treatments

A Beautiful You Medical Spa SculpSure Body Contouring
A Beautiful You Medical Spa SculpSure Body Contouring
EMSCULPT - Neo Fat Destruction A Beautiful You Medical Spa
EMSCULPT - Neo Fat Destruction A Beautiful You Medical Spa
EMSCULPT - Neo Fat Destruction A Beautiful You Medical Spa
SculpSure Body Contouring A Beautiful You Medical Spa
Advanced Technology
Renewed Confidence
Extensive Training

Our Approach to Aesthetics

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, we want our services to help you reflect your inner beauty outward.

For that reason, we only utilize the latest and most advanced technology in the field for body sculpting in Memphis and beyond. Plus, all of our staff members are extensively trained in every aesthetic procedure we offer! As we like to say, our med spa is here to make good things happen for other people. We love seeing the newfound glow on a client’s face after visiting us—from both your body treatment and your renewed confidence!

Not Sure What's Right for You?

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EmSculpt NEO device in memphis, TN

Ready to get the beautiful body you deserve? A Beautiful You Medical Spa offers services for laser hair removal, incontinence, sweat reduction, and body sculpting in Memphis.

We approach our body treatments with your goals in mind to get your desired results, simply and effectively. No more struggling with places you feel self-conscious about. No downtime, no surgeries, no liposuctions.

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