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Emsculpt NEO in Memphis

Take Your Body Back

Build Muscle & Reduce Fat

Whether you’re struggling to get rid of excess pockets of fat, or would like to put the finishing touches on your hard work at the gym, EMSCULPT NEO may be your new best friend!

EMSCULPT NEO in Memphis is a one-of-a-kind treatment that can help build your muscles and reduce fat in the surrounding area, such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, calves, and buttocks.

Using noninvasive paddles placed on top of the treatment area, EMSCULPT device delivers electromagnetic energy into the muscles to simulate contractions similar to what a crunch could do in the gym, but at a rate unachievable on your own.

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, we offer this noninvasive treatment in the office to give our patients a nonsurgical way to define their bodies while increasing their muscle strength.

Body Concerns Treated By Emsculpt NEO in Memphis

Lack of Muscle Tone

Even with the right diet and exercise, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve the last 10% of our overall fitness plan. Fortunately, we offer Emsculpt Neo treatments to help improve muscle tone with ease.

Unwanted Fat

Diet and exercise alone are not always enough to counteract the influence of genetics and age on our bodies. As we grow older, our bodies sometimes store reserves of fat that become difficult to shed without the help of advanced technology.

Loose or Wrinkled Skin

All skin, no matter where it is, experiences the effects of age, genetics, diet, and habits. Because our skin protects our bodies from the elements, it's not uncommon to require treatment to boost our skin's natural elasticity.

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EmSculpt NEO device in memphis, TN
Emsculpt neo device on an arm

The Science Behind EMSCULPT NEO

The rapid muscle contractions from an EMSCULPT NEO treatment help strengthen your core muscles significantly. In clinical studies, patients have seen a 25% increase in their muscle mass after their EMSCULPT NEO series!

During the process, this also damages fat cells so they can’t regenerate and your body eliminates these cells naturally over time.

What to Expect

Step 1

Your Consultation

During your free consultation, the highly experienced team at A Beautiful You Medical Spa can recommend the right treatment based on your body and your specific goals. Don’t hesitate to ask them if Emsculpt NEO, SculpSure, or another treatment is best to give you your desired results.

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Step 2

Your Treatment

During treatment, your provider will carefully secure the Emsculpt NEO device around the area you wish to address. All you’ll do is simply lie down on our treatment table as the EMSCULPT NEO system delivers the muscle contractions.

The “belt” delivers 2 types of therapy via magnetic waves and heat energy. You may feel your muscles contracting and heat on your skin. Emsculpt NEO sessions are just 30-minutes long!

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Step 3

Your Next Steps

After your treatment, your provider will explain the best post-treatment practices and what to expect in the following days. You might also schedule your next treatment, whether it be for Emsculpt NEO or something else.

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Step 4

A Full Series

The entire treatment process only takes about 30 minutes and you can return to your normal activities following the session. For optimal results, we recommend four treatments (about 5-10 days apart).

Before & After Emsculpt NEO in Memphis

A Beautiful You Medical Spa EMSCULPT Neo
A Beautiful You Medical Spa EMSCULPT - Neo
EMSCULPT - Neo Fat Destruction A Beautiful You Medical Spa
EMSCULPT - Neo Fat Destruction A Beautiful You Medical Spa
EMSCULPT - Neo Fat Destruction A Beautiful You Medical Spa
EMSCULPT - Neo Fat Destruction A Beautiful You Medical Spa

Benefits of EMSCULPT NEO

Look & Feel Better

If you’d like to reduce the fat and improve muscle mass, Emsculpt NEO in Memphis is an excellent body sculpting treatment option for you.

Benefits of EMSCULPT NEO

Quick & Comfortable

Strengthen and sculpt your abs, buttocks, thighs, arms, and calves with our body sculpting in Memphis. Emsculpt NEO delivers energy to rapidly contract muscles and burn fat. Your muscles continue to develop after treatment, and results fully appear in about three months. No exercise, surgery, or needles necessary!

Benefits of EMSCULPT NEO

Beautiful Results

Slim down and tone certain areas of your body with Emsculpt NEO in Memphis in four 30-minute sessions. It might sound too good to be true, but the results of Emsculpt NEO speak for themselves!

Frequently Asked Questions

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By far the best spa in Memphis with the best deals! Their package deals are absolutely amazing and affordable! I receive my laser hair removal treatments here. I’ve also had hydra facials. My skin products come from here too.

- Christin Mays

TED hair restoration in Memphis
Excellent med spa! My appointment ran completely on time and as promised. I had the Clearlift and have already gotten compliments on my skin just two days after. Great job!

- Jamie Harris

Ladies, this is the place to go! Not only are they excellent at what they do, they want you to be comfortable during your visit and will go above and beyond to make sure that you are. They are very thorough, professional and friendly!

- Sheena Wims

They have wonderful staff and services! I have been taking treatments with them for over a year now and they have been very flexible, in terms of scheduling. Every time I go for a treatment, they are always very nice and considerate. I would definitely recommend

- Brenda Acosta

Beautiful You Medical Spa goes above and beyond. The staff are super friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They offer all the services you could want and it’s evident that they’re genuinely invested in your best results as a client.

- Elise Bargery

I’ve been a customer for several years and have only good things to say about the services and staff at Beautiful You. They are always welcoming and professional, and make you feel valued and appreciated. Their facilities are also very clean and comfortable.

- Rachel Delmonico

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Outstanding service and customer care. They are extremely flexible with their hours and the laser used for hair removal isn't painful like other lasers I have tried. I'm loving the results and highly recommend A Beautiful You Medical Spa!

- Talita Correa

By far the best spa in Memphis with the best deals! Their package deals are absolutely amazing and affordable! I receive my laser hair removal treatments here. I’ve also had hydra facials. My skin products come from here too.

- Christin Mays

Find out if Emsculpt NEO is right for you!

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your aesthetic concerns and tell us more about you and your needs.

Together, we’ll find your ideal solution.

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SculpSure is a noninvasive laser treatment that heats fat cells to destroy them for good in your abdomen, back, thighs, and even under the chin. Once you complete a series of 25-minute sessions, enjoy a new you after 6 to 12 weeks! Yes, the results of SculpSure are permanent, as long as you maintain your current weight after undergoing treatment.

Emsculpt NEO
  • Treatment Length
  • Sessions Needed
  • Total Recovery Time
  • Results Duration
    Permanent with healthy lifestyle

Not Sure What's Right For You?

If you're not confident that Emsculpt NEO in Memphis is the best option for you, try our treatment planning tool.