Laser Hair Removal A Beautiful You Medical Spa

A Beautiful You Medical Spa is the leader in laser hair removal in and around the Memphis area. We combine a luxurious atmosphere with the best technology and the best prices. Simply fill out the form to get started!

Why laser hair removal?*

  • Disables The Hair Follicle from producing more hair
  • No razor burn, razor rash, ingrown hairs or missed stubble
  • No need for shaving, waxing or other hair removal treatments
  • Painless, especially when compared to waxing
  • Cost for 5-7 treatments + touch-ups cheaper than razors!

Why the Soprano XL laser? Soprano vs. other technology:*

  • Longer wavelengths allow laser to penetrate deeper than IPL
  • The Alexandrite laser has short wavelength & cannot treat darker skin
  • The ND Yag laser’s longer wavelength may dissipate, reducing effectiveness

What to expect?*

  • Check in with A Beautiful You on the day of your treatment
  • Apply numbing cream (if necessary)
  • Laser gel is applied and treatment is performed
  • Laser gel is cleaned up
  • You schedule your next visit and are on your way!

*Results may vary

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