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MiraDry Permanent Sweat Reduction Specialist

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If you’re sick of an abundance of underarm sweating, it’s time to visit A Beautiful You Medical Spa to learn more about miraDry®. This revolutionary noninvasive procedure delivers a permanent, dramatic reduction in underarm sweat and odor with no downtime. To learn more about miraDry, call or text the Memphis, Tennessee, office for an appointment.

MiraDry Permanent Sweat Reduction Q & A

What is miraDry?

If you feel self-conscious about how much you sweat or how it smells, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at A Beautiful You Medical Spa. They offer miraDry to help people just like you go through life without having to worry about what’s happening under their arms. 

With miraDry, a groundbreaking treatment, the team at A Beautiful You Medical Spa has a way to help people put underarm sweat and odor behind them permanently. 

During treatment, your provider uses the innovative handheld miraDry device to send thermal energy safely through your skin into your sweat, odor, and hair glands. As this thermal energy reaches those glands, it destroys them — for good. Clinical studies show that patients enjoy an average of an 82% reduction in sweat after miraDry treatment. 

Although your body does rely on your sweat glands to cool itself, miraDry only treats 2% of your body’s total glands. 



How do I prepare for miraDry treatment?

To get ready for your treatment, shave your underarms four to six days before your appointment at A Beautiful You Medical Spa. On the day of your treatment, wear loose clothing that exposes your underarms, and don’t apply any deodorant or antiperspirant. 

The entire treatment takes 60-90 minutes. Your A Beautiful You Medical Spa provider applies a local anesthetic to your underarms before starting, and most patients say the treatment is completely painless. 

To give you the absolute best results possible, the A Beautiful You Medical Spa team usually recommends a second miraDry treatment. This way, you get the dramatic, permanent reduction in sweat and odor you want. 



What should I expect after miraDry treatment?

Because miraDry is completely noninvasive, you don’t have to worry about any downtime. The vast majority of people go back to their usual routine, including work, immediately after treatment. You can even start exercising again in a few days. 

You might feel some sensitivity in your underarm area for a few days after treatment, but most people can comfortably manage it with ibuprofen or ice packs. 

miraDry delivers instant results, too. You leave your appointment already enjoying your dramatically decreased sweat and odor production. 

To learn more about how miraDry can help you put underarm sweat behind you, call or text A Beautiful You Medical Spa today.




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