5 Causes of Belly Bulging (And How We Can Help)

Are you dissatisfied with your shape? Perhaps you’ve tried diet and exercise, and they haven’t eliminated your belly bulge. At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, we can help

Dr. Kenneth Thompson and our team of expert medical aestheticians offer SculpSure® body contouring, a proven answer to slimming down that belly bulge. If you have trouble spots of fat and are near a normal weight for your body type, you’re a good candidate for SculpSure.

You get maximum results for minimal time and effort. It’s safe and approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on belly fat.

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure uses patented laser energy to melt away excess fat on your abdomen. The SculpSure handheld device emits heat from a special kind of laser. The energy targets the fat cells while not harming the surrounding skin. The heat destroys the integrity of the fat cells, and over time, your body’s lymphatic system eliminates them.

How long does the treatment take?

Each treatment takes about 25 minutes. It’s a shorter procedure than other body contouring systems. Plus, SculpSure can treat more than one body area at a time using different applicators, saving you time and money.

How slim will I look using SculpSure body contouring?

You can expect to see up to a 24% fat reduction, on average, from one treatment. We share before and after photos of real patients so you get a realistic idea of how your abdomen will look once the body contouring is complete.

What causes belly bulging?

Here are five reasons your belly can begin to bulge that aren’t the result of disease or illness.

Post-pregnancy fat

If you’ve had a baby in the past few months, you may have belly fat that you can’t get rid of. After all, your abdomen was stretched into the shape of a ball. In addition, muscles in your uterus could have separated during your pregnancy, enlarging your abdomen.


Sad to say, gaining weight when going through menopause is very common, and some of the weight settles in the belly area. Your hormones are changing. Those changes can raise your blood sugar levels. You also lose muscle mass, another cause of weight gain in the abdomen.

Beer consumption over time

Men, like women, go through a change of life as they get older. Your waist tends to expand and the entire stomach and abdomen area gets larger. Men’s girth may tend to look like a beer barrel.

Beer, like other alcohol, has calories, and as you age, your metabolism tends to slow, so you don’t shed the calories as quickly as you did when you were younger. Although researchers aren’t certain, they think the phytoestrogens in beer could alter the way your body retains fat, leading to a beer belly.

Overall weight gain

As you age, your body doesn’t remove fat as quickly. If you don’t eat less and exercise more, you’ll tend to gain weight. Add in menopause in women and changes in hormones in men, and body mass begins to change.

Stress or sleep deprivation

If you are under extended stress or if you don’t sleep well, you could face metabolic changes and weight gain. You may eat more when you’re under stress and not get enough sleep. You’re more at risk of other health complications, too.

Call our Memphis, Tennessee, office or book an appointment online to learn what SculpSure can do for you. Watch that bulge melt away.