A Beautiful You Medical Spa’s Effective Tattoo Removal Erases Regrets

You didn’t regret getting that giant butterfly tattooed across your back when you were 18 – but now that you’re a professional (and potentially an older parent), you’re starting to feel the twinges of regret.  In fact, you can hardly take off your shirt without being reminded of your decision. You just wish you could invent a time machine to go back and erase any urge you felt to inject permanent color into your once-flawless skin. While the world is still waiting on the time machine, A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee is now offering effective tattoo removal.  We make it possible to get your old skin back, as well as your confidence levels.

Our Tattoo Removal Process

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, we utilize the ultimate technologies to ensure that your tattoo is completely removed from your skin.  This is why all clients undergo a consultation, where an aesthetician analyzes the age, location, color and size of the tattoo in question.  It’s important for clients to understand that these factors can have an impact on how easily the tattoo is removed from the body. For example, new tattoos that are smaller in size and don’t utilize many colors can be removed much more effectively than older tattoos with many colors, as this calls for more complicated removal methods. Once we’ve determined the ideal treatment method for your tattoo removal, our professional technicians utilize a light-based treatment to eradicate the ink without damaging the skin.  Light waves break up the color in the skin, which are then naturally removed through the renewal process of your skin. In order to remove your tattoo, you may be required to meet with our technicians multiple times. This will be determined throughout various consultations, as we can verify how quickly the tattoo is disappearing, and if any additional treatment is needed.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa’s Special Tattoo Removal Offer

Whether you have a special event coming up or are just sick of your tattoo, now has never been a better time to investigate our tattoo removal services.  We’re now offering a special 40% off our tattoo removal package, which must be reserved online. When you’re ready to achieve your flawless skin again, visit the friendly professionals at A Beautiful You Medical Spa in one of our two convenient locations: Memphis, Tennessee and Arkansas.  Our Memphis office is conveniently located next to Bartlett & Germantown.