Elta MD is one of two amazing skincare lines that we carry as it is proven to bring results and protect your skin from the elements. In this post, we will share the benefits of Elta MD.

Elta MD is trusted by experts as the number one recommended and personally used sunscreen by dermatologists in the United States. We love this line because it has been formulated for every skin type, condition, and lifestyle to protect, renew, and heal the skin.

Elta MD began as an ointment used by farmers in rural Switzerland. The popularity of this ointment grew rapidly, and in 1988, Elta MD was officially introduced to the United States market. Consumers reveled in the healing properties of Elta MD’s ointment as it quickly became the trusted choice for wound care and healing by hospitals and physicians.

In more recent times, Elta has expanded their product line from healing ointments to include skincare and protection products. Now, we can all get our hands on the Swiss secret that is Elta MD! Elta’s product individually contain their own unique formula, benefits, and added nutrients that they can help support, enhance, and heal the skin.

Many of our clients love the tinted Elta MD Sunscreen to use in place of their foundation for a more natural and healthy glow, and also to ensure protections throughout the day!

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