Facial Peel for Acne Treatment

The popular depiction of acne usually involves spotty teenagers and stressed-out college students.  However, shocking research shows that one in five women between the ages of 25 and 40 suffer from adult acne, with up to 80 percent of people getting acne at some point in their lives before they’re thirty.  It’s clear to see that acne isn’t just a curse for teenagers; in fact, more adults than ever are suffering from it.

That’s why A Beautiful You Medical Spa is delighted to announce the addition of a new facial peel for acne treatment to their existing skincare menu.  A Beautiful You Medical Spa – located in Memphis, Tennessee and Arkansas – is known as the premier cosmetic and aesthetic medical spa in these major metro hubs.  Now A Beautiful You Medical Spa is dedicated to helping clients with acne battle back against zits, pimples, cysts, and other complexion imperfections.

Acne is essentially a skin disease that impacts the skin’s oil glands.  When these glands are clogged due to an overproduction of sebum (which can be caused by hormones, stress, dry skin, and other factors), a zit occurs.  Nodules and cysts are deeper and more painful forms of acne, and usually indicate that the individual is suffering from a hormonal issue as well; too much testosterone can increase sebum production.

The I Peel Acne Lift solution is a new chemical peel that’s designed specifically for acne.  This unique facial peel combines alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, which help remove dead skin, oil, and dirt from the pores.  What’s more, the peel also contains anti-inflammatory agents to effectively treat and minimize lesions left over from acne. That means the I Peel Acne Lift does more than treat current breakouts; it also reduces the appearance of scars from past breakouts.  Other key ingredients include aloe vera, bearberry, polypeptides, vitamin C, green tea, meadowsweet, comfrey, and chamomile.

Like with all chemical peels, it’s important for clients to use sun protection immediately after undergoing treatment.  Your skin may be red, sensitive, and vulnerable to the sun, so in addition to wearing sunscreen, ensure you’re wearing a hat and sunglasses whenever you go outside.  A skincare expert at A Beautiful You Medical Spa can help you determine how many regimens you’ll need to undergo to see your ideal results.

For more information about this unique facial peel for acne, schedule a consultation at A Beautiful You Medical Spa in AR (serving Hot Springs, Sheridan & Conway) or Memphis, TN (serving Germantown and Bartlett) today.

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