How Body Contouring Targets Stubborn Areas of Fat

How Body Contouring Targets Stubborn Areas of Fat

Are you looking forward to summer? Are you ready to bare more skin, or do you want to hide your figure? If you’re at or near your goal weight but have areas of fat that just won’t come off, it’s time to consider body contouring.

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, our board-certified physician, Dr. Kenneth Thompson, has  selected the SculpSure® body contouring system to help you smooth out those unwanted bulges. 

SculpSure isn’t a weight loss system. You should be at or near a normal weight for your height and body type. SculpSure melts away trouble spots of stubborn fat that resist your efforts to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. 

How does SculpSure body contouring work to eliminate fat? 

Your fat cells shrink or expand during your life as you lose or gain weight. They don’t disappear on their own. That’s where SculpSure comes in. Noninvasive SculpSure uses laser technology to destroy stubborn fat cells in specific target areas. 

We customize the applicators based on your shape and size to fit the target areas you want to improve. Then we connect the applicators to a belt to hold them in place. The applicators, in turn, are connected to a machine with a special laser. 

When the treatment begins, you experience warm and cool sensations. The warmth is the laser energy. SculpSure is designed with a cooling system so your surface skin doesn’t absorb the heat energy of the laser, which is set to a precise wavelength, but your fat cells do. 

The heat energy raises the temperature of the targeted fat cells to between 107.6 and 116.6 Fahrenheit, or 42-47 Celsius. At those temperatures, the cell structure is destroyed. Over a number of weeks, your body eliminates the dead cells through your lymph system. 

What areas of the body can SculpSure treat? 

SculpSure is designed to treat any of the following trouble spots:

Is the targeted fat gone forever? 

SculpSure eliminates up to 24% of fat in the targeted area. Those particular fat cells won’t come back. But there is a caveat: You still have fat cells in that area of your body. If you gain weight, those existing cells become larger, and the bulges may return. 

How long does a SculpSure treatment take? 

SculpSure works fast. A treatment is typically about 25 minutes, so you can schedule an appointment on your lunch hour or between other appointments. 

Can you treat more than one part of my body? 

Yes. One of the big advantages of SculpSure is that it gives us the ability to treat multiple locations at the same time. We have a range of applicators to fit various parts of your body. This system saves you time and expense. 

Call us at our Memphis, Tennessee, medical spa today or request more information online to see what SculpSure can do for you.

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