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Say Good-Bye to Varicose Veins With The Harmony Laser

The holiday season is upon us, which means spending nights in your finest cocktail dresses and party attire.  But rather than planning out your resolutions for 2014, there’s something else weighing on your mind: varicose veins.

Varicose veins can be a significant source of embarrassment for those individuals who suffer from them.  Varicose veins appear as large veins that bulge out from under the skin. These veins are typically dark blue or purple in appearance, which means they’re highly visible.  This type of vein disorder differs from “spider veins,” which are typically smaller in size and don’t have the same bumpy, bulging qualities.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa – located in Memphis, Tennessee, Arkansas – are pleased to announce an innovative new varicose vein treatment, which utilizes the smoothing powers of The Harmony Laser.  Born from the Alma Laser family (a trusted name in cosmetic laser technology), the Harmony Laser is designed to provide the ideal wavelength to the treatment area, which can produce a smooth effect that minimizes the appearance of varicose veins.  The Harmony Laser is a hand piece device that can be applied to multiple treatment areas, making this a perfect choice for clients who suffer from varicose veins in hard-to-reach spots, like behind the knees.

There are many other benefits to using The Harmony Laser treatment at A Beautiful You Medical Spa, including the following:

  1. The Harmony Laser can be adjusted based on the size and location of the varicose vein.  Not all vein disorders are alike – that’s why A Beautiful You Medical Spa utilizes a treatment that can be customized to a patient’s cosmetic needs.
  2. Patients of any skin color can enjoy the smoothing effects of The Harmony Laser.  While many laser technologies aren’t safe for people with darker skin tones, this laser is safe to use and highly effective.
  3. The Harmony Laser has minimum side effects.  Patients may experience a mild tingling sensation during treatment.
  4. The Harmony Laser is ideal for treating spider veins as well as varicose veins.  No matter what vein disorder you have, A Beautiful You Medical Spa can customize your treatment to tackle those visible veins.

Here at A Beautiful You Medical Spa, we’re happy to announce that we’re currently offering a 50% off all packages special.  You can reserve your varicose vein treatment package by visiting us in one of our two locations: Memphis, TN, and AR. Our Memphis practices serves Germantown and Bartlett, TN .

Get rid of embarrassing veins today. Just complete the form in the top right corner, or call our Memphis practice at (901) 683-8220.

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