Can Laser Hair Removal Free Me from Shaving or Waxing Forever?

Are you a woman who wants to be free of shaving or waxing your legs? Studies show that women spend an average of 1,728 hours shaving their legs over a lifetime. And waxing is a mess you want to avoid. Couldn’t you use those hours much more productively?Perhaps you’re a man who wants to remove excess shoulder or back hair that’s been compared to a shag carpet. You may want a smooth chest instead of a furry one.

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, our trained laser aestheticians, under the supervision of our board-certified physician Dr. Kenneth Thompson, perform laser hair removal to eliminate that unwanted hair.

What parts of the body are appropriate for laser hair removal?

We can safely remove hair from all of the following areas:

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Bikini line
  • Face (not the eye area)

Can you remove all of the unwanted hair in one treatment?

No. That’s because your hair is at different stages of growth. Some of your hair could be at rest, in a shedding phase, or a growing period. Laser treatment is most effective on the hair in a growth period, which is about a third of your hair.

You’ll likely need 2-6 laser hair removal treatments to have smooth skin with no hair. You need a waiting period between treatments as untreated hair appears and enters the growth period.

For areas where your hair grows fast, such as around your upper lip, your appointments should be 4-8 weeks apart. For places where your hair grows slowly, such as your back, your appointments may be spaced 3-4 months out.

Does laser hair removal treatment last forever?

Our laser hair removal comes with a Beauty Promise Program that ensures your results are for life. You likely won’t see any hair on the treated areas for months or years.

If any does regrow eventually, it will be finer and lighter and there will be less of it. We treat the area again so you have beautiful smooth skin.

How does laser hair removal work to remove unwanted hair?

Lasers use heat energy to destroy your hair follicles, the roots of your hair. On follicles that are destroyed, hair won’t reappear, but follicles that are only damaged can regrow hair.

The light in the handheld laser targets the pigment, or color, in your hairs. Having lighter skin with darker hair makes hair removal easier, but we work with all skin types. Our Beauty Promise provides you with complete satisfaction.

Call us at A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Memphis, Tennessee, or request more information through our online portal today to start the process of eliminating your unwanted hair.