Facial Treatment Deals at A Beautiful You Med Spa

When it comes to getting the A-list skin you’ve been dreaming about, you might think the answers can only be found in pots of expensive skin creams and serums.  While these can certainly make your skin look masterful, they’re only providing you with part of the answer to a beautiful complexion. If you want to look like your skin could grace the cover of a magazine, it’s important to enlist the aid of professional facial treatments…

And you can find everything you need at A Beautiful You Medical Spa.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa is the premier provider of facial treatments and other aesthetic procedures in Memphis, Tennessee.  Our professionally trained and medically supervised clinicians understand the exact treatments our clients need in order to look their absolute best.  From skin brightening and spot fading treatments to chemical peels and laser resurfacing, only A Beautiful You Medical Spa has the right answer for your particular complexion woe.

Our facial treatments include the following:

  • Medical Grade Chemical Peels:  Chemical peels are perfect for reducing the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and for softening wrinkles and fine lines.  When undergoing a medical grade chemical peel, be sure to invest in sun protection, as your face will be sensitive to harmful UV rays after your treatment.
  • Medical Grade Microdermabrasion:  This treatment is perfect for those who suffer from acne, pock marks, and other skin imperfections.  Microdermabrasion uses advanced crystals to slough away dead skin, revealing the youthful and clear skin underneath.
  • Obagi Skin Care Products:  Looking for the most advanced serums, cleansers, moisturizers, and at-home peels?  Then you’ve found them with Obagi’s professional skin care line, now available at A Beautiful You Medical Spa.
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing:  Ever wonder why celebrities always have the most beautiful, perpetually refreshed skin?  That’s because they use laser skin resurfacing, an advanced treatment that utilizes the power of lasers to kick-start collagen production and slough away dead, dull skin.  Laser skin resurfacing is the perfect treatment if you’re looking to shave years from your visage.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa is currently running a special where you can get 30% off your treatments if you book three together.  All you have to do is fill out the form in the top right corner.