How Many Times Do You Have To Do Laser Hair Removal

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa we have been researching and testing this subject since 2003. It is the most common question we receive from our clients…”How many times do you have to do laser hair removal to be hair free?” The average number of treatments is 5 performed between 4 to 8 week intervals depending on the area being treated for the average person. Permanent hair reduction is strongly correlated with hair color and energy of laser.

  • At A Beautiful You Medical Spa we use class IV medical devices which operate with a higher power for optimum results. Some clinics may not which can result in many more treatments needed.
  • There are two types of hair follicles. Terminal which is deep, course hairs. In many people these are dark in color. Vellus, “Baby” hair. Typically fine more shallow in the skin often of a lighter color. The ideal patient is fair skinned with dark hair.
  • Hair growth is controlled by hormones and could require more than 5 treatments.

Normal Hormonal Changes

― Puberty

― Menopause

― Surgical

― Chemical (medications)

Abnormal Hormonal Changes

― Hirsutism

― Hypertrichosis

― Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOS)

We offer all our clients 5 treatments in each package and two free touch ups. For those requiring addition treatments above the average we offer you protection and insurance on your investment with us. The Beauty Promise! A Lifetime Promise to treat that area after your 7 treatments at 75% off for life should you need additional treatments.