How to Treat Years of Sun Damage

You may have enjoyed the warming rays of the summer sunshine when you were younger, but those blissful days of sun-soaked adventure have given way to sun damage.  While you wouldn’t trade those memories away for anything, you can’t help but wonder if you can trade away that resulting sun damage that’s etched on your face.

What is Sun Damage?

Sun damage typically occurs due to repeated and prolonged exposure to the sun.  People who avoided sunscreen or used too-weak sunscreen are often prone to the common signs of sun damage, which include deep wrinkles, brown spots, leathery skin, and sagginess.  When it comes to age, sun damage doesn’t discriminate; it can happen as early as your first sunburn, with symptoms materializing in your late teens and early 20s. This is practically common in young adults who tanned heavily in their teenage years.

If you’re dealing with the after-effects of years of sun damage, you don’t have to waste hundreds – even thousands – of dollars on expensive creams that deliver little to no results.  At A Beautiful You Medical Spa – located Memphis, Tennessee – we can help our clients turn back the clock and reclaim youthful skin from the aging rays of the sun.

Discover A Beautiful You Medical Spa’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, we can halt the progress of sun damage right in its tracks.  Our advanced fluorescence technology can help us spot where sun damage is occurring, and reverse the damage to encourage a youthful and healthy glow.

You may not see sun damage yet, but it can take years for those telltale brown spots and wrinkles to appear.  That’s why advanced fluorescence technology is so vital for treating sun damage, as it can help us identify what’s already been done to your skin.  This can help us tailor a specific treatment that’s designed to attack your sun damage at the source.

If discolorations have already occurred on your face, our treatment technology can halt any additional sun damage.  This allows your skin to refresh itself, which encourages and enhances a more natural and youthful glow.

You may not have sacrificed those sunny summer days back in your youth, but you don’t have to pay for them now.  Visit A Beautiful You Medical Spa in AR or Memphis, TN to discover how our friendly and experienced professionals can erase years of sun damage today. Our Memphis office right next to Bartlett & Germantown.