How You Can Enjoy the Sun Responsibly This Summer

Summer sun can be fun, but too much of a good thing can be harmful to your health and your appearance. If you’ve been at the beach, have you noticed that your face may start to feel rough or chapped from windburn and too much sun?

Sun stimulates your body to make vitamin D, essential to your bone health and more, but too much can damage your skin. If excessive exposure occurs over long periods of time, you’re more at risk for skin cancer.

Our board-certified physician Dr. Kenneth Thompson and our team of trained medical aestheticians help mitigate the damaging effects of sun on your face and body.

We offer a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments that turn dry, dull skin into skin that’s glowing and radiant, taking years off of your appearance.

From skin resurfacing using patented laser technology to microneedling, intense pulsed light, HydraFacials, and chemical peels, we offer you the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatment available today.

You also have a key role to play in protecting your skin. In honor of Summer Sun Safety Month, we put together these commonsense tips on how to enjoy the sun responsibly.

Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen every day

A broad spectrum sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays cause wrinkles, UVB rays cause sunburn, and both contribute to skin cancer. Apply sunscreen every day, because even on cloudy days you can get a sunburn from UVB radiation.

To ensure you’re protected, select a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. You’re protected against 97% of the sun’s UVB rays with an SPF 30 sunscreen, and against 98% with an SPF of 50. It seems like a tiny difference, but SPF 30 permits 50% more UV radiation than SPF 50.

Reapply sunscreen regularly

If you work outside in the summer or are at the beach, pool, or another place where you’re in the sun most of the day, reapply sunscreen as directed on the bottle. Each brand of sunscreen tells you when you should reapply it. Every time you dry yourself with a towel, reapply sunscreen.

Use a water- and sweat-resistant sunscreen

It’s summer, and you’re going to sweat outside. There are no sweat-proof or waterproof sunscreens. Find a water resistant sunscreen and follow the directions. The brand specifies whether it lasts for 40 or 80 minutes when you’re in the water or when you’re sweating.

Use protective clothing

Modern technology has come a long way in helping you protect yourself from the sun. For extended time in the sun, choose clothing that has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50. It prevents 98% of the sun’s rays from penetrating your skin and reduces your risk of sun damage.

Schedule time in the sun when it’s not at its peak

In years past, you might have gone to the beach and stayed all day. With more awareness about skin cancer and sun damage, you can adjust your schedule when enjoying the sun.

Make your biggest meal at the beach in the middle of the day, enjoy time at a movie, or have a siesta. Make your beach time in the latter part of the afternoon so you avoid the strongest rays of the sun between 10am and 3pm. If you swim laps at the pool, do them early in the morning or in the evening.

To learn more, call our Memphis, Tennessee, medical spa or book an appointment online for a consultation on which skin rejuvenation treatments are right for you.