Skin Tightening for Your Drooping Jowls

Are you dissatisfied with your facial appearance? Do you look older than your age because of drooping skin that’s creating jowls on either side of your face? With today’s modern medical technology, you can have a new, smoother jawline and take those extra years off of your face.

Our board-certified physician, Kenneth Thompson, MD, and trained medical aestheticians at A Beautiful You Medical Spa are ready to help rejuvenate your facial appearance with a variety of options.

Two of them are injectable dermal fillers and skin tightening with Venus Legacy™ radiofrequency heat energy. We examine your skin, review your medical history and medications, and recommend a treatment that’s safe and effective for your skin type and condition.

Why is my skin sagging?

When you were younger, your skin was very elastic. If you pinched your facial skin and released it, the skin snapped back to its original position quickly. It was smooth and you had a defined jawline.

That’s because young skin has an adequate supply of collagen and elastin, two important proteins that keep it strong so it doesn’t sag.

As you age, your ability to produce collagen and elastin diminishes. Excess sun exposure and pollutants such as cigarettes can hasten the decline.

Loose skin is a part of normal aging, but you don’t want to look old before you actually are older, and even then, don’t you want to look your best? Read on as we discuss the two options we mentioned above for firming loose, sagging facial skin.


You want to eliminate that loose skin forming pouches on the sides of your face. The sagging skin covers your jawline so you can’t see it anymore. The skin under your chin may be sagging as well.

Dermal fillers are an effective way to eliminate sagging cheeks and drooping jowls along with loose skin under your chin. We’ve chosen Juvederm dermal fillers because of their reliability and results. Juvederm® Voluma™ XC results are long-lasting — up to two years.

When we give you a dermal filler injection, there’s a numbing agent in the gel that reduces any discomfort. We explain beforehand all of the contraindications and side effects of the injection and make sure you’re a good candidate for a dermal filler.

You may have temporary side effects such as tenderness, bruising, redness, itching, and/or swelling, but they will dissipate.

Skin tightening with Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy skin tightening treatments use radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to deliver heat underneath the surface of your skin. We move a handheld applicator over the area we’re treating as it heats your skin.

You may also feel a gentle pulsing and suction. We can adjust both the heat and the suction to suit your comfort level.

The treatment triggers the production of collagen and elastin. At the same time, the heat destroys the integrity of the fat cells in the sagging skin. Your skin looks better right after the treatment, and it continues to improve in the weeks ahead.

You can get a Venus treatment during a quick office appointment. If we’re working on your face for sagging skin, the actual procedure should take no longer than 15 minutes.

There’s no downtime after a Venus Legacy treatment, so you can return to work after it’s done.

Contact us today for facial skin rejuvenation treatments and all of your aesthetic needs at our Memphis, Tennessee, medical spa.