What were your professional backgrounds before owning a spa?

We were in the media business for 25 years. JL was an on-air talent (DJ) and Programming Manager while Lorrie was a marketing consultant for radio stations. It was these careers that brought us to Memphis. Prior to moving to Memphis we had worked all over the country and we were so happy to settle in Memphis.

What inspired you to go into the Med Spa business?

We always had a dream to own our own business. Since larger corporate broadcasting companies were buying up all the radio stations both large and small, it left us little options to own a radio station or cluster. Lorrie had been watching a business category growing in popularity called Medical Spa’s. After looking at numerous business models we realized that a medical spa was the best fit for our skill sets, goals, and personalities. We just love meeting and taking care of people.

What is your approach when it comes to choosing your service offering?

In the beginning, it was pretty easy. There were limited options available based on the technology for non-invasive FDA-approved procedures. Laser Hair Removal was prominent. Botox was just being approved for cosmetic purposes and only then approved to treat part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows, the Glabella. Since those days, the laser manufacturers have started designing lasers to do everything from fat destruction and fine line wrinkles to skin texture and tightening, skin tones. The laser industry was exploding but not all the technology was good or would work as advertised.

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, we research, constantly! If it is a popular treatment today, we had already started researching years ago. We are always looking into the future for the next generation of technology that is safe, has less downtime gets results, and costs the consumers less.

Speaking of next generation, we have invested heavily in Plasma Technology. It is completely different than lasers. Seems the same, looks, and acts the same, but is very different, very futuristic. We started researching this technology years ago and feel this is going to be the future of aesthetics as it gives you the results of a super aggressive treatment that in the past would require days and weeks of downtime without all the downtime. We are are proud to be the only practice in Memphis, as of this posting date, to have invested in several plasma devices.

What do you look for when choosing your aestheticians & RNs?

We look at this business as an art form. We look for people who love skin and love making people look and feel good. The key for us is that our customers enjoy, get satisfaction, and get excited in seeing the transformation. Our team members have an artistic side that allows them to see people’s needs, almost like an artist sees something on a blank canvas. Our professionals can envision an ending and know what paint brushes (technology or products) to use to achieve results. Not every spa has that or even values those skills in the hiring process. There are many good clinicians but vision, creativity, and artistic talent are what we look for. Procedures can be taught but artistry cannot. That is why our clients love and trust our gals so much. It is so rewarding as an owner to know that our staff have that extra talent that our competitors don’t.

What is your goal for each client that comes to A Beautiful You?

Our motto, mission statement, goal, is “We are here to make good things happen for other people” It even hangs on the wall in our main hallway. Our clients see it and our staff sees it every day. We know that aesthetic or cosmetic imperfection no matter how small it may seem to some is a huge confidence or self-esteem issue others. We want to bring out more of our client’s inner beauty by correcting and treating those imperfections that they are so self-conscious of. We work hard to reveal both your inner and outer beauty.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

We have just invested over a quarter of a million dollars in new technology so far this year. As technology gets better we are committed to getting better by investing in the latest technology.

We have added another hair removal laser to to meet demand and have invested in the Clearlift Lunchtime Lift technology. The Clearlift Lunchtime Lift technology can treat melasma, skin texture, and more, with better results than ever.

As we mentioned above, we have added the most advanced in Plasma Technology. We now have the Opus Plasma, and the Subnovii Plasma. Each of these devices at this time are only available here. These game-changing treatments are for all types of skin conditions and corrections such as wrinkles, acne scarring, skin texture, scars, stretch marks, and just so many skin conditions that we have been able to treat in the past but now with even better and longer-lasting results!

We have always believed in investing and reinvesting in our training and technology. That is what keeps us on the leading edge in this industry and that is what keeps our clients happy and returning. Our clients know they are going to be exposed to the newest technology available. We may have a few other surprises before the end of the year.

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