Understanding How Microneedling Works

Do you have blemishes on your face that make you look older than you are? If your skin isn’t soft, smooth, and supple, consider the Venus Viva™ skin resurfacing treatment using fractional radiofrequency microneedling.

It’s a minimally invasive procedure that refreshes and renews your skin, giving it a radiant new glow.

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, our medical aesthetics team, under the direction of board-certified physician Dr. Ken Thompson, examines your skin to determine which treatment would be most beneficial for you.

If you have any of the following skin problems, it’s time to consider Venus Viva skin resurfacing:

  • Acne scars
  • Surgery scars
  • Rosacea
  • Large pores
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dark spots
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Stretch marks

How does Venus Viva™ radiofrequency skin resurfacing work?

Come to our facility with clean skin that’s free of makeup, lotions, powders, and perfumes. Avoid tanning before the procedure.

A group of tiny sterilized needles in a patented handheld device does the work. The Venus Viva pricks microscopic wounds into your dermis, the layer of skin under your epidermis, the outer, visible layer. The wounds don’t affect your epidermis.

Then the radiofrequency heat energy goes to work. The fractional radiofrequency heat energy penetrates deep into your dermis causing the skin to tighten. Once your dermis sustains the tiny wounds, your body’s immune system rushes healing nutrients to make new skin and repair the damage.

New collagen and elastin, key proteins in your skin, form over the next few weeks as new tissue grows. These fresh proteins in your new skin cells create beautiful unblemished new skin.

Your skin heals quickly, and your epithelial cells that form the skin’s surface create a smooth new surface.

Is the treatment painful?

The pricks in your dermis are very tiny. You feel the pinpricks and then a warm sensation akin to a mild sunburn. If you have deeper scars that need more aggressive treatment, we apply a topical numbing agent to reduce any discomfort.

Venus Viva is a quick treatment. Depending on how much work you need, the procedure lasts for only about 15-30 minutes.

Is there downtime?

Your downtime is very short — about 24 hours. The feeling is akin to a sunburn and should diminish by then. During the first 24 hours, you apply only what’s been prescribed by our staff to the treated area.

Venus Viva is the next generation skin resurfacing treatment. Recovery from skin resurfacing using traditional CO2 lasers can take anywhere from 10 days to weeks. Patients also report more discomfort during the procedure than with Venus Viva.

Call or book an appointment online today for a consultation at our Memphis, Tennessee, medical spa to see which skin rejuvenation treatment is right for you.