Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

What causes upper lip hair and how do you get rid of it?

Many women have been asking A Beautiful You Medical Spa this question for years and if you have this problem, you are in luck! We have the solution to permanently remove upper lip hair.

First thing’s first, it is VERY natural for a women to have noticeable facial hair. The fact is, all women have hair, some just darker or thicker than others. Obviously this is a very popular topic of discussion among the ladies, so no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed!

So What Causes Upper Lip Hair Anyway?

The main factors determining the presence of upper lip hair are of the heredity and hormonal categories. Also, abnormal increases in levels of testosterone can also cause upper lip and chin hair growth! This could actually indicate more serious health problems so keep that in mind if you notice an abnormal growth in facial hair patterns.

How Can I Remove the Unwanted Hair?

Temporary not permanent:

  1. Bleaching Cream– Bleaching your lip hair. This does not remove the hair but will make it less noticeable.
  2. Blades– Small battery operated blades can be purchased at a convenient store which can be found to cause razor burn. The most recommended temporary solution would be a dermablade facial. It will not only de-fuzz the face, but will also clean and exfoliate the complexion!
  3. Epilading– A motorized, handheld device that catches the hair between rotating rings and quickly removes the hair.
  4. Threading- A practice where threads are used to wrap up your hairs and pull them out.
  5. Waxing– Everyone is familiar with waxing. It is quick but also very temporary.


Laser Hair Removal – At A Beautiful You Medical Spa uses the Venus Legacy a Diode laser. Highly trained and licensed RN’s or aesthetician’s will make a couple of passes over the upper lip area to permanently disable the hair folicle and bulb which prevents regrowth. This procedure normally takes 6-7 treatments, about 2 minutes per treatment for the upper lip, and is very tolerable. In many women’s opinion, waxing is much more uncomfortable!