Ways to Maintain Youthful Looks

#1: Stay out of the sun!

This first tip is something you may have heard multiple times before, but you might also be shocked to hear that the sun’s UV light is responsible for around 90% of your skin’s visible aging signs! The UV rays from the sun slowly break down the elastin in your skin, causing it to sag, wrinkle, and overall appear duller!

Now, we get it – you can’t stay out of the sun forever and you shouldn’t! Instead, we’re saying when you’re outside, focus on enjoying it rather than focusing on your skin. The easiest way to do this is by using SUNSCREEN! We’ve all heard this before so this shouldn’t be anything new. Even using a foundation that has an SPF built into it can be a huge help if you’re someone who wears a lot of makeup!

Oh, and don’t forget just because it’s cloudy doesn’t mean the sun’s rays can’t affect your skin so be sure to ALWAYS carry your sunscreen with you!

#2: Make sure you are getting enough rest

So many times, people don’t realize how much your sleep can affect your skin… Did you know that when you sleep, your body releases hormones that promote cell turnover and renewal? It’s true! Your body is working to heal and recover itself from the inside out while you’re asleep so next time you think about cutting your sleep short, think again!

If you have no problem getting enough sleep then go the extra mile to help your skin by switching to a satin pillowcase! A traditional cotton pillowcase can contribute to the breakdown of collagen in your skin, leading to wrinkles from tossing and turning all night. Meanwhile, a satin pillowcase will be much softer and more gentle on your skin!

#3: Use high-quality skincare products

It is important to make sure you find a high-quality skin care routine fit for your skin’s needs. Each person is unique and so is their skin, so your skincare routine needs to be unique too. To see the best benefits, it is important to be consistent in your routine and start taking care of your skin before you see the flaws you want to fix. We recommend talking with one of our professionals to learn which products would be best for your skin!

#4: Limit alcohol and caffeine

We love a good mixed drink or even an espresso from Starbucks as much as the next person, but truth be told, caffeine and alcohol can wreak havoc on your skin. Now, we’re not saying caffeine or alcohol especially when consumed in moderation, we’re just saying when overly consumed they can both dehydrate and rob your skin of key nutrients!

#5: Start taking care of your skin now!

A lot of people wait to take care of their skin once it starts visually aging which is not good! If you’re someone who wants to have the best-looking skin for as long as possible – be proactive, not reactive! We recommend starting treatments specific to your skin as soon as possible. The more you take care of your skin now, the less money and time you’ll spend down the road trying to try and reverse signs of aging.

If you’re looking to start taking better care of your skin today, give our office a call and let us provide you with the treatment options that will benefit you the most in the long run!

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