Yes, You Can Remove Hair There

You want freedom from unwanted hair on your bikini line and along your pubic area. Shaving gets to be a chore, and you may have even developed a razor rash, which leaves you with red bumps on your tender skin. You need a better solution.

Our trained medical aestheticians, under the supervision of board-certified physician Dr. Kenneth Thompson at A Beautiful You Med Spa, are experts at laser hair removal on parts of your body where you don’t want hair, including your bikini line.

You may have seen results of laser hair removal on a friend, or you may have already had it done on another part of your body. Now you’re ready to remove those pesky hairs from around your bikini.

After laser hair removal, you can feel confident in a swimsuit.

Preparing for laser hair removal

If you’ve had laser hair removal on another part of your body, you know the drill. But if this is your first time having the procedure, there are certain steps you need to take before your treatment. We provide you with written instructions, but here’s an outline of the type of information you receive.

You might not think about laser hair removal in the winter, but now is one of the best times to try it. Why? Because you should avoid sun exposure before, during, and after the treatment. In the winter, it’s easier to avoid the sun, and you’re ready to wear a bathing suit when the weather warms up.

You should also avoid using a tanning bed prior to the procedure.

Shave the area carefully a day or two before treatment. This way, the laser’s energy targets the hair follicles. If the hairs are too long, there’s a risk of singeing and discomfort.

Laser hair removal isn’t generally a one-and-done treatment. You’ll probably need a few sessions. The average number of sessions is four to six.

How laser hair removal works

We’ve selected the Venus Velocity™ laser system for hair removal based on its proven effectiveness and safety. The laser’s heat seeks the melanin, or pigment, around your hair follicles.

The melanin absorbs the heat, then the heat destroys your hair cells (your hair has pigment, or color). The heat moves from your hair to your hair follicles and destroys the integrity of your hair follicle cells so that new growth stops.

The procedure is very safe and has a computerized cooling system to ensure your skin is protected.

Some lasers aren’t as effective on darker skin because the laser can’t tell the difference between tanned skin and the melanin in your hairs. But Venus Velocity is effective on all skin tones.

If you do have dark skin, we select a wavelength on the laser that works for your skin tone and customize the treatment. We may test a small area of your skin to determine whether the procedure is the best method of hair removal for you.

After laser hair treatment

You can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment. Keep the area clean and wash it very gently both morning and night. Use lukewarm, not hot, water when showering, and avoid taking a hot bath.

Don’t get a massage, physical therapy, or other treatment involving direct contact with the skin for the first 48 hours after the procedure. Don’t wax or pluck hair where you’ve had laser hair removal.

Contact us today at our Memphis, Tennessee, medical spa to rid yourself of unwanted hair and showcase your beautiful skin.