All About Body Contouring: Get to Know Your Options

Are you unhappy with stubborn areas of fat that just won’t disappear no matter how many hours you spend exercising? If you’re about a normal weight but still have areas that protrude where they shouldn’t, don’t despair.

Is there anything you can do before swimsuit season comes around? Absolutely.

Today’s modern laser technology can reduce those stubborn areas of fat so that your body has the smooth contours you want to see.

Board-certified physician Kenneth Thompson, MD, and our team of medical aestheticians and trained laser specialists at A Beautiful You Medical Spa are here to help you look your best.

We use the SculpSure® laser body contouring system to provide you with beautiful results.

What happens at a SculpSure appointment?

A SculpSure treatment doesn’t interrupt your day. It’s noninvasive with few side effects and only takes about 25 minutes. You simply relax and let us do the work. Take it easy and listen to music with your earbuds or just close your eyes and rest.

We use a handheld device with the laser embedded in it, placing it over the area of fat we’re treating. It’s computer-controlled to ensure precision in the amount of light energy emitted. There’s a cooling system so your skin doesn’t get too warm from the laser’s beam. You’ll feel both cool and warm alternately during your session.

What can I expect in terms of fat reduction with SculpSure?

You can expect to lose up to 24% of fat in the targeted area from one SculpSure session. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Your body gradually sheds the fat cells destroyed by the laser.

When will I see results from my SculpSure treatment?

Now is the best time for your SculpSure treatment. Results start to show within six weeks, and you should see the final result in 12 weeks. That’s why now is the perfect time for your SculpSure treatment.

Options for treatment with SculpSure

An advantage of the SculpSure system over other body contouring systems is that we can treat more than one trouble spot at a time with the system’s applicators. Following are your options for treatment with SculpSure:


Excess belly fat is a common problem. Genetics and age are common culprits in how this trouble spot develops in women and men. Fat in your body redistributes in middle age and often lands on your abdomen.


Does the fat under your bra-line sag around your side and back, causing a ripple in knitted tops? SculpSure can help smooth out those unwanted ripples.


Are you getting a double chin far too young because of genetics? Excess fat under your chin can make you look more than a decade older than you are. You can eliminate this unsightly fat that tends to shake whenever you turn your head to the side.

Love handles

Another term for excess fat around your midriff is that unwanted muffin top — fat bulges on either side of your waist. Once your SculpSure treatment yields results, you’ll want to wear your skinny tops again.


Are your inner or outer thighs the problem area for you? Is there an unwanted bulge below your underwear line? You can slim down those thunder thighs with SculpSure treatment.

For safe, proven body contouring results, contact us today for an appointment at our Memphis, Tennessee, medical spa. You can give us a call or use our online scheduling tool.