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How Can I Prevent Spider Viens, What Causes Them


Some of us are born with them and others develop varicose and spider veins from changes in the body such as increased body weight, trauma, and other external factors. We hide our legs under long dresses and pants as the veins look less than flattering, can be painful, and will make you ashamed of one of the most feminine parts of your body! This summer, be proud of your lady limbs and let us show you how!

The dreaded roadmap legs. Unfortunately some of us inherit them and some of us develop varicose and spider veins from increased body weight, trauma, and other external factors, either way, they look less than flattering, can be painful, and will make you ashamed of one of the most feminine parts of your body! For years I have hidden my legs under long dresses and pants but this summer, I am super proud of my lady limbs and will be adding shorts to my wardrobe to show them off!

How do you get spider veins?

Spider veins, the smaller version of varicose veins, are blood vessels that twist and turn under the skin. They are most common in the leg. They can become so large that the veins can be seen through the skin.  Both spider and varicose veins are visible veins due to venous insufficiency which occurs when vein valves  become damaged or weak causing the blood to pool instead of traveling back up it’s path to the heart. Other issues unrelated to venous insufficiency which cause veins include hormones, sun exposure, and even minor injuries.

Alma Vein Rejuvenation Technology

Can I prevent Spider veins?

If you control your weight so that you are not placing too much bodily pressure on your legs and exercise regularly to improve leg and vein strength as well as to encourage circulation through the limbs you can prolong or even prevent spider veins. Precautions such as, not crossing your legs when resting and elevating your legs as much as possible can also prevent spider veins. Note, the problem can be purely hereditary in which case you will not be able to prevent or avoid the inevitable but lucky for you, with our Alma Laser, you can greatly minimize or banish the ugly veins!

Do spider veins go away?

The veins will not go away on their own but our Alma Vein Rejuvenation Laser will banish your current veins.The Alma Vein Rejuvenation Laser was designed to target those pesky veins with quick and effective results. A much as a 50% decrease in the amount and size of your spider vein can happen with just one treatment and the process only takes about 20 minutes. 

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