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How the Venus Legacy Helps to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is a common problem for both men and women, and can affect adults of all ages regardless of weight or personal fitness. As frustrating as it can be to eat a clean, well-balanced diet and exercise regularly only to continue to struggle with stubborn cellulite, there are solutions available that do not require invasive cosmetic surgery.

What Is Venus Legacy?

Tighter, firmer-looking skin is one of the hallmarks of youth, but as you age the body’s natural collagen production begins to slow down, increasing the telltale signs of aging (loose, sagging skin and wrinkles). And then there’s cellulite. Unlike the effects of the normal aging process, cellulite is a product of genetics and biology, meaning that it can (and does) appear at any age.

Cellulite develops when fat cells push through connective tissue and literally pull on the skin to create the familiar chunky and dimpled appearance. In some cases, exercise can help to reduce fat buildup for people who are above their recommended weight, but only to a certain point.

Venus Legacy uses heat and energy (Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) to target several of the factors that lead to the appearance of cellulite:

Your Lifestyle Is Only Part of the Equation

Being proactive about your health and investing in a lifestyle that prioritizes diet, exercise and adequate sleep is the cornerstone of looking and feeling your best at every age. But when it comes to cellulite, your lifestyle choices will only go so far because they can’t fundamentally change the makeup of your skin. Venus Legacy treatments can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite by going below the surface to pick up where your diet and fitness routines leave off.

Benefits of Venus Legacy

Because it uses state-of-the-art radio frequency technology, Venus Legacy can be used on all skin tones and shades. As a minimally invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedure, it requires virtually no downtime or recovery period. A typical appointment lasts 45 minutes and allows you to return to your daily routine once the treatment is complete.

A Beautiful You Medical Spa

Dedicated to the latest technology and skin care services, A Beautiful You Medical Spa merges the science of anti-aging treatments with the art of a blissful and relaxing spa experience. For more information, contact us by calling (901) 683-8220 to learn more about our Venus Legacy and our other services, or visit us online today.

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