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The lips are made up of three different tissue zones; the white lip, the vermillion border and the vermillion. The white lip is skin with stratified squamous epithelium, dermis sweat glands and hair follicles overlying the tissues. The vermillion border is a the tissue which is a transition zone between the white and red lip. This zone has no melanocytes present, sweat glands or hair follicles overlying the subcutaneous tissues. The vermillion, or red lip, is specialized mucosa, lamina propria with minor salivary glands overlying the submucosal tissues. 

The blood supply to the lip is from the facial artery via the upper and lower labial arteries and there is a variance in the depth and anatomy of the labial arteries making this area very vascular.

If all these tissues zones are histologically different, it stands to reason that they will display different changes with ageing in which one may want to correct through injections. Therefore, these tissues should be treated individually when performing lip rejuvenation treatments. There are two widely used techniques used for lip augmentation, one for definition and the other for volume.


For definition and shape, one will want to improve the definition or sharpness of the vermillion border. For this, a cohesive, low-viscosity filler is required. Instead of injecting underneath the dermis, the goal is to place the filler within the dermis in straight lines along the vermilion border.


The goal in volumisation is to introduce a dermal filler into the vermillion of the lip, in the submucosal fat plane. Injecting into the red lip helps to plump the pout to increase volume.

It is important to understand how you would like to enhance your lips, that is why we offer complimentary consultations so that you feel confident during your treatment appointment.

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