Meet the New Standard For Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, nothing compares to the silky and smooth sensation of hairless legs, arms, and other areas.  You can don your slinkiest miniskirt without feeling self-conscious, or you can take off your shirt without worrying about the hair on your back.  Having a smooth and hairless body can provide a significant boost to your confidence…

And that’s why you’re ready to meet the new standard for laser hair removal!

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa – serving the greater Memphis, TN area,  our technicians understand that you want to look as great as you feel. That’s why we offer modern laser hair removal technologies that completely stop production in the hair follicles.  This means that after several successful treatments, you’ll be able to stop waxing, shaving, and doing all the other inconvenient hair removal methods!

So how do our trained technicians at A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Memphis help you permanently remove your hair?

Soprano XLi Laser Hair Removal

In order to help our clients experience the very best treatment, we offer some of the best laser hair removal technologies.  One of these technologies is the Soprano XLi Gold Standard, a virtually pain-free laser hair removal system that is safe and easy to use.  The Soprano XLi laser hair removal system is one of the best on the market, which means that you’ll see amazing hair reduction with just a few treatments.

In addition to the Soprano Xli laser hair removal system, A Beautiful You Medical Spa also offers treatments with a variety of Alma Lasers technology. These lasers offer virtually pain-free reduction, and only require a few easy treatments to see the hair reduction you’re looking for.

Personalized Laser Hair Removal Based On Your Needs

In order to make sure that you’re getting the best laser hair removal possible, the technicians at A Beautiful You Medical Spa will use two specific methods to determine your skin type.  These methods include the following:

Once these results are in hand, we’ll be able to modify your laser hair removal treatment to give you optimal results.

If you’re ready to get a smooth and sexy body, visit A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Memphis, TN ,AK to experience ultimate laser hair removal! We’re just a short drive from Germantown, Collierville & Bartlett, TN, and Conway, Hot Springs & Sheridan AR.

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