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Restore Your Figure After Pregnancy

After all the hard work of pregnancy and giving birth, it’s time to focus on your recovery and enjoy this new member of your family! But soon enough, it will be time to go back to your job and start going out again. Your body has changed significantly in the past nine months or so. 

Getting back to your pre-pregnancy body can be a challenge. Especially because when you’re recovering from childbirth, intense workouts are just about the last thing you want to do. At A Beautiful You Med Spa, we provide body sculpting in Collierville, TN to make your recovery process a breeze. We’ll help you bounce back with confidence. 

a woman is confident after Emsculpt NEO treatments


Bounce Back From the Weight Gain

During pregnancy, you will gain the most weight around your abdomen. A lot of this weight comes from the proteins and fluids in your uterus that promote the growth of the baby. You can also expect fat in this area to increase. This provides protection for the baby and calorie stores to promote your health as the mother. 

You will lose a lot of this weight in the first 6–8 weeks after giving birth. However, some of your pregnancy fat will remain, and this fat can be difficult to get rid of. 

One of our body sculpting devices, Emsculpt NEO, is particularly adept at reducing this leftover fat. Using radiofrequency technology, this device is able to reach deep into the dermis. The heat puts pressure on the fat cells and causes them to break down. Your body flushes out these dead cells naturally. 

Help Your Muscles Recover

An unexpected challenge after pregnancy is the separation of the stomach muscles. Every woman experiences the stretching of these muscles during pregnancy, and for some women, these muscles become separated. 

This is called diastasis recti, and it is relatively common. In the 6–8 weeks after giving birth, these muscles should start to heal. Sometimes, more strengthening work is required to knit them back together. 

Emsculpt NEO can help heal diastasis recti. When the Emsculp NEO paddles are placed on the abdomen, the induced muscle contractions target this area. These rapid muscle contractions help you build real muscle, healing and strengthening this area. 

EmSculpt NEO device in Germantown, TN


Start Body Sculpting in Collierville, TN at A Beautiful You

Emsculpt NEO can do a lot to aid recovery after childbirth, and it can help you regain your pre-pregnancy body. At A Beautiful You, we invite you to lay back, relax, and let Emsculpt NEO do the work. You’ve already worked hard enough!

Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about how body sculpting can help you regain your figure. Check out our other offerings on our site to see the other ways we can help you become a more beautiful you.

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