Neck Skin Tightening in Memphis, TN

The Best Face and Neck Contouring Treatment

Lately, our Instagram and TikTok feeds have been full of influencers promoting at-home facial exercises to tighten skin, especially around the neck and jawline. Can these exercises actually produce long-lasting, anti-aging results? 

We thought we’d have our experts at A Beautiful You weigh in on this trend with our own take on face and neck skin tightening in Memphis, TN. After more than 20 years of experience in aesthetics and wellness, we’ve gotten pretty good at determining what’s a fad that will burn out and what treatments will actually work.

The Science Behind Facial Exercises

There has not been much research into these particular facial exercises. However, there have been limited studies showing there are at least modest benefits to be gained from routine facial exercises—that is, if you commit to the exercises every day for at least five months. 

a senior woman trying facial exercise for skin tightness


A More Effective Treatment

At A Beautiful You, we have found a treatment that provides truly impressive results. Emface by BTL is a noninvasive, needle-free treatment for face and neck skin tightening. Instead of wearing out your fingers, Emface uses specialized pads placed on the face that induce contractions in your facial muscles. 

Emface also includes a specialized pad for the submentum area for neck skin tightening. With Emface, skin tightening only takes about four 20-minute sessions. 

Our Conclusion

The trend of facial exercises has popped up again and again throughout history because, when it comes down to it, the treatments that have the longest-lasting results are those that use the tools your body already has. 

These exercises do get something right—it is possible to train your facial muscles and use your skin’s natural abilities to contour and revive sagging skin. But with only a roller or your fingers, the most a lot of people achieve is a thorough face massage. Feels nice, but that’s not really the result you’re looking for. 

a woman receiving Emface Treatment


Try Emface for Skin Tightening at A Beautiful You

To bring results from modest to bold, you’re going to need more than manpower. When it comes to treatments for face and neck skin tightening in Memphis, TN, it doesn’t get better than Emface. 

If you’ve started to notice the appearance of wrinkles, or the sagging of your skin is bothering you, we recommend Emface for its efficacy, efficiency, and ease. We also have several treatments for full body contouring to help you restore and maintain the elasticity of your skin. 

Schedule a consultation with us to see if you would be a good candidate for Emface. Then you’ll understand when we say facial exercises walked so Emface could run. 

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