Emface Benefits in Memphis

4 Benefits of EMFACE™

Are you fed up with facial wrinkles and lines? If you’re tired of looking older than you feel, it may be time for a facial refresh. At A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Memphis, Tennessee, we have answers for you.

One option we recommend is EMFACE™, the first facial treatment to target and strengthen your facial muscles and improve your skin at the same time. 

You probably never think about them, but the muscles in your face are affected as you age, just like the other muscles in your body. Aging causes your muscles to thin, making your skin wrinkle, lose volume and normal height, and sag.

EMFACE uses two technologies to increase muscle tone and strength and improve your skin’s tone and texture at the same time: radiofrequency energy and high intensity electromagnetic stimulation.

Benefits of EMFACE

Our expert aestheticians explain a few of the benefits of EMFACE: 

Improves appearance of wrinkles 

EMFACE’s radiofrequency energy produces microscopic wounds in your skin that stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin. 

Your body’s natural defenses rush nutrients to these micro-wounds. The process triggers the body’s production of fresh skin cells filled with these two key proteins that keep your skin looking smooth. Your face develops a more youthful appearance, as wrinkles become less prominent. 

Increases muscle tone and lift 

EMFACE’s high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation moves deep into the underlayers of your skin and targets your forehead and cheek muscles. It strengthens the muscles under your skin by giving them a workout. The results can mimic a brow lift and can add lift to your cheeks. 

If you have minor skin sagging at the jawline, EMFACE can provide lift because it tightens the skin. 

Provides quick treatment with no downtime 

If you’re looking for a skin improvement treatment with no downtime, EMFACE may be the answer for you. The procedure only takes 20 minutes. You can have an EMFACE treatment at lunchtime and return to work afterward. 

Complements other treatments and is noninvasive

For a noninvasive facial treatment with no needles, you can turn to EMFACE. Practitioners who provide EMFACE say that it complements other facial treatments. It heightens and improves the results of Botox® and fillers and enables you to wait longer between touch-up appointments. Fillers increase facial volume while EMFACE produces lift. 

How many EMFACE appointments do I need?

We recommend four sessions, each spaced one week apart. You start seeing results after all of the sessions, with full results by 12 weeks after the treatment. 

How long do EMFACE results last? 

EMFACE results last between six months and one year. Individual results depend on age, skin condition, and genetics. 

Call us at A Beautiful You Medical Spa or use our online portal to request more information. We’ll find just the right solution for you.