Juvederm vs. Juvederm Voluma: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to looking naturally youthful and refreshed, many people make the mistake of simply focusing on Botox injections, thinking that diminished wrinkles and fine lines can help fool the most discernable eye.  However, the most obvious signs of a youthful face have nothing to do with the smoothness of your skin, but instead, the volume of your cheeks.

As we age, our faces naturally lose much of the fat that was stored in the cheeks and lips.  This is often the first part of the aging process to occur, which causes facial hollows as well as exacerbates the appearance of wrinkles and undereye circles.  Therefore, if you want to create a youthful and refreshed appearance, it’s important to find a treatment regimen that tackles both facial volume and lip wrinkles.

So what’s an ideal treatment regimen that tackles both of these problems?

  • Juvederm: This is an FDA-approved lip filler that’s ideal for naturally plumping up the size of your lips. Juvederm contains hyaluronic acid, which is a thick filler that instantly pumps up volume.  What’s more, hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring compound known for encouraging collagen production. Therefore, a regular treatment course of Juvederm could help you naturally improve the appearance of your lips.

Results from Juvederm can last for up to a year or longer, depending on the patient.

  • Juvederm Voluma: This filler is like Juvederm’s much more powerful cousin; therefore, it’s only ideal for filling in cheek hollows and other areas that need to be plumped up. While Voluma also uses hyaluronic acid, it’s much stiffer than its counterpart, which provides for an immediate lift.  This is why Voluma is only ideal for volumizing the mid-face region, as it’s far too stiff to be used on the lips.

Results from Juvederm can last for up to 18 months or longer, depending on the patient.

No matter which option you select, Juvederm’s line of hyaluronic acid fillers present a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a more natural and refreshed look.  When combined with Botox injections and other anti-wrinkle treatments, you can peel the years off of your face without looking unnatural.