Laser Hair Reduction in Memphis

Can Laser Hair Removal Save Me from Shaving or Waxing Forever?

If you’re a woman, do you wish you never had to spend time shaving your legs again? It’s such a repetitive, mindless task. Then there’s the bikini line. You may never be satisfied with your results when shaving. 

And it’s not just women who want to rid themselves of excess hair. If you’re a man, you may want to be free of hair on your shoulders or back. 

Laser hair removal is a great answer for both men and women who want to eliminate excess hair. 

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Memphis, Tennessee, our expert laser aestheticians perform laser hair removal that leaves your skin smooth and hair-free, so both men and women can feel confident when putting on a swimsuit. 

We perform laser hair removal on the following areas of the body: 

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Bikini line
  • Face (but not around the eyes)

How many laser hair removal sessions do I need?

You need 2-6 laser hair removal sessions to be free of the unwanted hair, because hair has three growth periods, and your individual hairs are in different stages. About a third of your hair is in a growth period at any particular time, and it’s in this stage that laser hair removal is most effective. 

We let you know how far apart your laser hair removal sessions should be based on the area we’re targeting. 

For hair on your back, which grows slowly, your appointments may be about 3-4 months apart; we wait for more hair to enter the growth period when treatment is most effective. For hair removal above your lip, the waiting period is shorter, about 4-8 weeks. 

Is laser hair removal permanent?

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, our Beauty Promise Program ensures your results are for life. You won’t be bothered with new hair for a long time — in most cases, years. 

If any stray hairs do grow, they will be lighter and thinner. Don’t worry. We treat the area again so your skin remains silky smooth. 

How does laser hair removal eliminate unwanted hair? 

Heat energy from the laser damages your hair follicles, stopping or significantly slowing hair growth. The laser’s light seeks the pigment in your hairs. When the follicles are destroyed, no hair grows back. 

Call us at A Beautiful You Medical Spa or request more information through our online portal today. You don’t need to go through another summer feeling embarrassed about your excess hair or having to shave incessantly to keep your body smooth.