Laser Hair Removal: Be Swimsuit Smooth This Summer

Summer is officially around the corner. Is your body swimsuit ready? Whether you’re a man or a woman, laser hair removal can make swimsuit season easy for you.If you’re a woman, you know how time-consuming and tiring shaving your legs can be. Aren’t you tired of it? Did you know that as a woman, you spend 72 days of your life shaving your legs? That’s 1,728 hours!

With today’s modern technology, shaving is becoming a thing of the past. You no longer have to spend all that extra time getting ready to go outside with bare legs and arms or in a bathing suit. You can take care of that task forever with laser hair removal.

Today’s women want to be free of the shaving routine. Guess which cosmetic procedure is the most popular for women under age 35? It’s laser hair removal. And it’s the second most popular procedure for women over age 35.

But laser hair removal isn’t only for women. Many men today are getting unwanted hair removed.

Under the medical guidance of our board-certified physician, Dr. Kenneth Thompson, our medical aestheticians at A Beautiful You Medical Spa work their magic to make your skin smooth and silky for years to come using the latest laser hair removal technology.

There’s no more three-day stubble when light hair shines in the sun and dark hair changes your skin’s appearance.

What parts of the body are appropriate for laser hair removal?

Women like to have laser hair removal performed on their legs, face, chin, back, underarm, arm, and/or bikini line. Signs of a mustache sometimes appear on women with dark hair; we take care of that problem for you.

And you no longer have to try to shave your pubic area and end up nicking yourself and bleeding. We give you a smooth bikini line.

Some men have very thick hair on their upper back and chest. Others have scraggly hairs there. Men often request hair removal in those areas.

What happens during laser hair removal?

Your expert aesthetician holds a special patented laser device to your skin. When the laser is turned on, the light energy goes through your skin and into your hair follicles that control your hair growth.

The heat from the laser destroys the integrity of the root of your hair follicles, and they die. You’ll feel light and warm sensations like pinpricks.

How many laser hair removal sessions do I need?

Hair has growth cycles. It doesn’t all grow at the same time. Therefore, one session isn’t enough to remove all of the hair in the targeted area. We recommend four to six sessions for complete hair removal.

How long is a laser hair removal appointment?

The length of your appointment varies based on what areas are being treated. For example, removing hair from your upper lip takes less than one minute. On the other hand, removing leg hair takes about one hour.

Don’t waste your valuable time performing the same onerous task over and over again. For all of your aesthetic needs, contact us at A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Memphis, Tennessee.