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Medical weight loss is a weight loss solution for people who are struggling to lose weight using the traditional methods of diet and exercise. Medical weight loss involves medication in the form of injections and is overseen by a medical professional. 

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Semaglutide is the leading weight loss medication in the country, and there’s a good reason for that. Semaglutide has helped people reduce their body weight by up to 17%! So, what’s the secret? 

Semaglutide suppresses the appetite, promotes insulin production, and slows down digestion. It does this by mimicking the hormones in the small intestine that are responsible for communicating feelings of fullness between your digestive tract and your brain. 

With your appetite under control, you can set yourself up for success in dieting and exercise. 


Am I a candidate for medical weight loss? 

In Memphis, if your BMI is over 27 and you have been struggling to lose weight with consistent dieting and exercise, medical weight loss could be the thing to finally help you reap the rewards of your hard work. 

How long until I see results from semaglutide? 

We recommend all our clients start with 3 months of semaglutide treatments. There is no set timeline for results with semaglutide, as each person’s body will respond differently to the medication. Most of our clients for medical weight loss in Memphis begin to see results within the first couple weeks of treatment. 

How long do I have to be on semaglutide? 

How long you stay on semaglutide is entirely up to you. You can expect to continue seeing results as long as you continue with your treatment. Once you have met your weight loss goal, we will switch you over to a maintenance plan, where we will gradually decrease your dosage through to the end of your treatment. 

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To maintain the results of your treatment, you will need to continue your diet and have a consistent exercise plan. 

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