Microneedling Sessions in Memphis

What You Should Know Before Your First Microneedling Session

Are you considering microneedling to improve your skin’s appearance? It’s a cosmetic treatment with a proven record of effectiveness for the past 25 years. Microneedling is so popular because it can resolve multiple skin imperfections during the treatment. 

At A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Memphis, Tennessee, our team examines your skin, reviews your medical history, and lets you know if microneedling is a good solution for your concerns. 

How does microneedling improve my skin’s appearance? 

When you have an injury to your skin, your body rushes healing cells to the site. That’s essentially what happens during microneedling. 

Our hand-held wand makes tiny micro-wounds as we move it across your skin. The injuries prompt your body to create new skin cells with fresh collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep your skin healthy. 

We can infuse additional growth factors using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) during the microneedling treatment, which means large masses of nutrients reach the wounds to help them heal even faster. PRP can boost your body’s ability to make collagen. 

We may recommend Scarlet SRF microneedling, which uses radiofrequency energy if you have significant scarring or deeper wrinkles. It penetrates deeper underlayers of skin, helps break up tough scar tissue, and boosts collagen production. This type of microneedling is safer if you have a dark skin tone. 

What should I know before my first microneedling session? 

Our aestheticians provide pre-procedure instructions for you. It helps to know certain facts in advance. 

Limit harsh sun exposure 

Schedule your microneedling session or sessions when you’re not planning a vacation to the beach or days at the pool. Limiting your sun exposure in the weeks before and after your treatment prevents hyperpigmentation and achieves the best results. 

Stop anti-inflammatories and certain medications

At least a week to 10 days before your procedure, you should stop taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen as well as supplements that thin the blood. This prevents excess bleeding. 

List all of your medications and supplements on your medical history form. We discuss these with you. If you take an acne drug with isotretinoin, we may recommend asking your doctor if you can take an alternative in the months before your treatment. We provide a list of drugs to avoid. 

If shaving is involved

We explain that you can shave and moisturize the area to be treated the day before your treatment but not the day of treatment. 

What to know after your microneedling session 

Since microneedling makes tiny wounds in your skin, you’ll see pinkness or redness for 48-72 hours after your procedure. You might have some peeling and/or minor swelling for a few days. We may recommend a healing cream, if needed. Skip vigorous workouts for a couple of days after your treatment. 

Compared to some other aesthetic treatments, microneedling downtime is minimal. You can normally apply makeup the day after the procedure. 

When do I see results from microneedling? 

New collagen production takes about 4-6 weeks, which is the same amount of time that it takes for skin cell turnover. You continue to see results in the coming months. When you see your glowing, radiant skin, you know the treatment has been worth the wait. 

Call us at A Beautiful You Medical Spa in Memphis, Tennessee, or book an appointment through our online portal today for all of your aesthetic needs. We help your beauty shine through.