2ND TREATMENT Experience

Posted on September 20, 2020


SculpSure is an effective way of getting rid of annoying fat cells which helps to remove visibility in problem areas. Unlike Cool Sculpting, Sculpture is a warm sculpting process that destroys up to 25% of fat cells. Although SculpSure doesn’t result in weight loss, it eliminates fat by reducing the number of fat cells in the treated area. Our client has opted to treat her lower abdomen, which means she will experience shrinking in the size of her lower tummy.


“Upon arrival I was measured, like in the first treatment.” We do this to track results so that we are able to benchmark changes from the first treatment and to also track the results of the second treatment.


“When I got back to the room, the attached the trays to my lower abdomen area. This is where I hope to destroy some extra fat cells.” The SculpSure treatment can target several areas, such as thigh, underarm, flanks, and upper/lower abs, to name a few.


Once the trays are secured, we attach the SculpSure heating pads to the client. Four pads can be used at a time, therefore if you would like more than one area treated, you will need to schedule more than one session.


“The second Sculpture session was a little more intense, but totally manageable. Like the first one, the procedure lasted 25 minutes. There were high levels of heat that were then followed by a rush of cool air to calm before returning to a high heat level. Also, like the first time, there was no downtime however I was a bit more sore.” All of this is completely normal when getting the SculpSure treatment. The client may be sore for a few weeks after treatment, but not to a level that you cannot complete ordinary daily tasks.

The Sculpture treatment works by destroying 26% of your fat cells and then allowing your body’s lymphatic system expel of those cells over 12 weeks. We are super excited to see what round two has in store for Alexandra’s lower abs and we will follow up with you all upon completion to show you all the results!

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