Beth Nickel

At the Office

Beth began as a consultant with ABY/Sona Medspa of Memphis in 2007. She left in 2014 for a period to try the pharma industry. Returning to ABY, as she really loves aesthetics. Beth has been with us for 16 of the 19+ years we have been in business. She is the fun and spontaneity that makes each day creative and different. You’ll find Beth here at the office doing way too many things all at once.

Outside of the Office

If you don’t recognize the accent, Beth is from Georgia and has been in Memphis since 2005. Most of her free time is spent hauling her 3 kids around to their various activities, but she has perfected the art of sneaking away without any of them realizing it until it’s too late. She has too many interests & hobbies to list, many of them too weird to share anyway!