Lorrie Fisk

At the Office

Lorrie is the co-founder of ABY, and she loves being in the aesthetics industry because every day is so unique and different. Lorrie is one of those people who can talk to a rock.  Meeting new people and consulting them regarding their aesthetic needs is her favorite part of each day. As a consultant, Lorrie offers her clients a unique combination of warmth, experience, knowledge & personal attention.

Outside of the Office

Lorrie was born & raised in SE Louisianna and graduated from LSU.  Lorrie was a strong athlete growing up and still to this day loves sports.  Lorrie is an “outdoors” person and loves to experience new places, cultures, and foods.  Before founding ABY with her husband JL, she was an advertising exec in broadcasting (TV and Rado) and has lived in six states. Family (including fur family members) and faith are everything to Lorrie.