Treatment Packages

Skin Resurfacing – Pixel

Purpose: ideal for lighter skinned clients who are looking to improve the appearance of textural skin concerns such as fine lines/wrinkles, enlarged pores, superficial scaring and general sun damage and aging. Also beneficial for clients who suffer from melasma

Where: Face, neck, décolleté. Other body areas can also be treated for non-keloid scars

When: once every 3 weeks

Technology: Harmony XL – Pixel handpiece

Pixel is the original fractional resurfacing laser technology. Created in reaction to traditional ablative laser resurfacing which created lengthy healing periods and great client discomfort; the fractional laser resurfacing technology of Pixel creates micro-channels in the skin impacting a portion of the skin, hence the name ‘fractional’ laser resurfacing. In response to the Pixel technology, the skin will grow brand new healthy, smooth, glowing skin cells in treated areas.  A significant surge of collagen growth occurs, hyperpigmentation fades, and fine lines and superficial scaring minimizes over the course of multiple treatments.

The Pixel is an excellent treatment for the common skin condition known as Melasma.  This condition causes brown spots to appear on the face, and, though it’s not dangerous, it can be very distressing and can seriously affect self confidence. It is most often caused by the hormonal changes or fluctuations that occur during pregnancy or genetic disposition, though it can happen at any time and typically appears in different facial areas. These hormones mean that dark patches are more likely to develop when your skin is exposed to sunlight. One of the most effective treatments for melasma is the Pixel Laser which is a high energy beam of light that removes the epidermis and upper dermis triggering the growth of new, healthy skin tissue. Brown spots are diminished and are replaced with clear, healthy, fresh looking skin.

Ultra Repair and Renewal

Purpose: ideal for that person who has sun damage, excessive redness/broken capillaries and fine lines/wrinkles. Renewal package for less damage, Repair package for more damage (majority of clients will benefit most from the repair package).

Where: face, neck

When: alternate the treatments once every 2 weeks, starting with AFT/LP YAG

Technology: HARMONY XL – Yellow/Green AFT, LP:YAG, AND PIXEL handpieces

The wonderful aspect of our skin rejuvenation technology is that we can combine treatments to provide much greater efficacy. These two packages are one example of combination therapy and ideal for our clients who have a history of UV exposure and are now seeing the effects of that damage on the skin. If you have sun spots as well as fine lines, this is the package we recommend. The difference between the Renewal and Repair packages is that each package is designed for a different level of damage. The more damage you have, the more treatments you might need.

Skin Repair/Renewal/Mantain


  • Repair Package is a 5 treatment package ideal for someone who has noticed the brown spots or redness for more than a short time period, i.e. you have deeper damage
  • Renewal Package is a 4 treatment package for the client that has more superficial damage
  • Maintain Package is a 3 treatment package and intended for clients who simply need ongoing maintenance after having already received AFT/LP YAG treatment in the past from A Beautiful You

Where: Face and neck, and body

Technology: Harmony XL– Yellow/ Green AFT, LP: YAG handpieces

Laser 360

Purpose: ideal for client who has significant sun damage, discoloration, fine lines/wrinkles, skin laxity, seeing the signs of aging

Where: Face and Neck

When: 2 options (depending on your tolerance and availability):

The ultimate combination therapy for overall skin rejuvenation that treats from the inside out providing long lasting results. Ideal for that person who experiences discoloration, wrinkles and skin laxity. This could be a client with very UV damaged skin or someone who is starting to see the general signs of aging and not quite ready for a face lift. This treatment can also benefit a client with mature skin. Laser 360 takes advantage of AFT (for discoloration), Pixel (for texture and tone) and Venus Legacy (for tightness) technologies through a quick treatment schedule that allows the client to see results in as quickly as 60 days.

Scar Stretch Mark Reduction Package

Purpose: Treats non-keloidal scaring

Where: Face and body

When: 5 treatments spaced 3 weeks apart, AFT/Pixel or Viva

Technology: Harmony – AFT/Pixel or Viva

This package is intended to help improve the appearance of non-keloidal scarring.  So if you suffer from acne scarring that is both hyperpigmented and superficially pitted or suffer from a recently healed surgical incision or injury, this is the right treatment for you.  The AFT technology is included to address any discoloration/redness that may still be apparent post healing. The Pixel/Viva technology will also help to fade discoloration and stimulate new collagen growth which will help improve texture.