Understanding 3 Types of Common Injectables That Produce Different Kinds of Results

Do you see new signs of aging that weren’t there a year ago? Perhaps you’re seeing fine lines deepening around your eyes, or maybe your issue is sagging cheeks, thinning lips, and/or a sagging chin.Modern medicine has many ways to help aging skin. If you’re looking into minimally invasive aesthetic treatments, you should consider injectables. At A Beautiful You Medical Spa, we have selected several injectables to use in our practice based on their effectiveness and safety.

Our trained aesthetics team, under the direction of board-certified physician Kenneth Thompson, MD, can provide you with a wealth of knowledge about each type of injectable. Following are some key facts about each type of injectable we offer.

Botox® and Xeomin®

Botox® was the first FDA-approved treatment to improve the appearance of forehead lines, frown lines between your brows, and crow’s feet on the outer sides of your eyes.

Another injectable, Xeomin® is available and is also FDA-approved. It’s very comparable to Botox in terms of results. You’ll see changes in your appearance within one week, and the changes last 3-6 months, the same length of time as Botox.

Botox and Xeomin weaken and temporarily paralyze the targeted facial muscles under your skin. After the injections, those muscles no longer contract every time you smile or frown. Repeated injections over time help remodel the skin so it has a smoother appearance.

More young people now use injectables to ward off signs of aging before deeper lines appear.

Dermal fillers

Whereas Botox and Xeomin work on lines and wrinkles around your eyes and forehead, dermal fillers provide volume.

These injectables help fill out cheeks that look hollow, firm up a sagging jawline, plump up thinning lips, and smooth out grooves that may have developed between the sides of your nose down to your mouth.

Dermal fillers are also temporary, but some last up to two years. We have selected Juvederm fillers for their safety and effectiveness. These fillers contain a form of hyaluronic acid (HA). Your body already contains hyaluronic acid; it’s in the fluid that cushions your joints. HA holds in water so it keeps your skin hydrated and looking youthful.

We inject Juvederm as a smooth gel with very thin needles, then apply a numbing cream to minimize any discomfort.


Kybella injections contain a synthetic form of a specific type of acid that helps absorb fat. Your body produces this acid already. When injected under the chin, Kybella destroys the integrity of the fat cells there, and your body metabolizes them.

Before we start the injections, we apply a numbing cream. You receive a number of injections during the treatment, and you may need more than one treatment.

If you’re ready for a makeover that doesn’t involve blood, stitches, or recovery time, injectables can whisk away those signs of aging. Call our Memphis, Tennessee, medical spa or contact us online today and let our team of experts work their magic on you.